What is the Akaija?

Akaija description

1. Message of We
2. Spin-inversion and Vortex Energy
3. Clearing and Energy Rebalancing
4. The Akaija rebalances your health
5. Transformational Tool Akaija
6. Notes about cleaning your Akaija

The Message of ‘WE’

The Akaija is a piece of jewelry born of Love
a cosmic design and healing tool created in co-creation with the Divine

1. The Message

Aura Healer

Wim Roskam, the creator of the Akaija, first was given this object through inspiration, on a painting called ‘Aurahealer’, by his girlfriend Linda, after she died in 2001. It wasn’t until two years later, however, after he had become a silversmith, that he could produce the object in precious metals. In the meantime, he discovered that this object he created had several unexpected properties.

Linda was his partner for 18 years, and when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer they decided to not follow the advise of the surgeons, but to work on her healing using alternative methods. Now, this didn’t quite work out the way they had hoped. It was an exceptionally lonely path they took, with extreme pains and despair for over 14 months.

Likely because of this horrifying period, something changed in both Linda and Wim.

Shortly before Linda died, she agreed that she would try and inspire Wim – if possible. What he never expected she would do was to incite him to become a silversmith, opening the way to create symbolic jewelry like the Akaija.

During the last months of her life Marianne had become Linda’s most important therapist. She visited Linda and Wim at home as Linda wasn’t able to travel any longer. Some time after Linda’s passing, Marianne became Wim’s new partner.

The name ‘Akaija’ was given at a later stage, being one of many. Linda’s mother, who had asked the Spirit World for a name, heard a voice in her head, calling: AKAIJA.

When the two of them started searching the Internet for the meaning of ‘Akaija’, they ended up on the island Annatom of the Melanesian Archipelago in the Pacific. On this island, there are six different expressions for ‘we’, depending on the number of people involved in a particular setting. ‘Akaija’ means ‘We’ in the largest sense of the word.

With ‘WE’ is meant: us together, we as a family, a village, a nation, we as mankind, …and we on earth belong to a much bigger whole, so ‘WE’ also includes the Cosmos or Universe. And it doesn’t stop there: We, the ones who are now living as well as those in the Hereafter, regardless of past, present or future … we belong together.

When you analyze the name ‘Akaija’ in a numerological way, something strange is found:

Every character in the alphabet stands for a number: the A stands for 1, B for 2, C for 3, etc. ‘Akaija’ has a rare combination of numbers: A=1, K=11, A=1, IJ(Y) = I+J = 9+10 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1, and A=1. One character splits into two numbers 1, and two characters (I+J) merge into one number 1 – fission and fusion. This way you get: 1 + 11 + 1 + 1 + 1, so six number ones. The 5th dimension (5 characters) upgrades to the 6th dimension (6 numbers). Six represents the planet Venus, and stands for Love. And funny enough … the moment Wim was noting this for the first time, he glanced at the clock on the computer: 11:11. Putting together these data (Akaija = We, and Akaija = 111111) a very clear and not to be misunderstood message emerges: WE, every-1, every individual together, are ONE !!!

Interesting too are the symbols that can be found in the Akaija. Depending on the angle you look at it you can discover several: a circle, a yin-yang symbol, a 5-pointed star (pentagram), and a Heart that is protected by the circle, but due to the Akaija’s special construction also protects the circle. ‘WE’, the Never-Ending-Circle protecting your Heart; and ‘WE’,

connecting you to the Endless Love, which is the basis of our existence.

‘WE’ is showing you that You are never al-one, but all-one. Or to put it this way:

We are part of the Universe … the Universe is within each and every one of us
and the Akaija symbolises Universal Love

This is the message that ‘We’ would like to give ‘You’.


Before you continue reading, we at Akaija & Art, Netherlands would like to point out that the information provided below is not based on scientific research. All data concerning the Akaija are based on the many hundreds of reactions from men and women (and even animals) wearing the Akaija, and on the experiences of more than 25 electro-acupuncture therapists, (clairvoyant) mediums, as well as our own observations and discoveries. However, we give it our utmost attention to remain sincere and conscientious with all information that comes our way – and will continue to provide you with the best, and as complete as possible information regarding the Akaija. You will find more information and up to date testimonials on our website.

Apart from the symbolic value of this beautiful piece of silversmith craftsmanship, the Akaija has been reported to have additional properties…

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2. Inversion and energy-vortex

Wim was trying to find an answer to the challenge of how a loop or spiraling circle could be reversed on its path without crossing the path itself, when he felt inspired to create the spiral-shaped inversion-symbol, now known as the Akaija.

Spiral with crossing lines

Spiralle mit kreuzenden Linien

Spiral with U-curve

Spiralle mit U-Kurve

Akaija inversion

Spin-Inversion, or the principle of reversing, is in fact a cosmic principle. Axis-inversion of planets, such like the Earth, is a phenomenon that, according to recent studies, seem to have occurred several times throughout history. On a very small scale the same happens with electrons, and is called ‘electron-spin-inversion’. Amongst other things, the Akaija was tested to have certain qualities for influencing this process, preventing this phenomenon from occurring, and so appears to be an important tool in healing a diversity of physical ailments.

A spiral-like shape forms the Akaija. Spirals are vortexes, whirlpools of energy. A cyclone is a vortex; the galaxy is a vortex; water that runs through the outlet moves like a vortex. The Akaija appears to be capable of creating an energy-vortex in the body much like chakra’s do.

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3. Clearing and energy rebalancing

The Akaija works like a two-way-hatch for energies; enhancing the re-connection between our own energy-system and the cosmic ‘field’ surrounding us, as well as inviting cosmic energy into our system. Compare this with a small stagnant lake filled with stale water that is suddenly connected to the open sea through a wide channel. The tidal flow enters the lake and all the dirt is washed out in no time. The lake, your energy system, becomes harmonized, cleaned, strengthened, balanced and starts to resonate with the tidal flows. The first effect that you will notice is that old physical and emotional wounds or scars blocking this energy are re-activated and being cleared.

Besides the regulation of energy, a shortage is complemented whenever too much energy flows out. People who are chronically stressed out will notice that the Akaija almost ‘forces’ them to take rest. For a while they may get more tired than usual and may have to catch up on sleep, which is often much needed – and as a result may even feel inclined to put the Akaija away. After a while, however, they will start to feel better than before and more balanced in the way they cope with things. When on the other hand people experience a shortage of energy and often feel tired or even lethargic, they will start to feel reconnected with their power and become more energetic and vibrant than ever – and sometimes notice a decrease in their need of sleep.

When old and not fully resolved blockages, old trauma’s, pains and emotions are re-activated and re-present themselves, this will give you the opportunity to work out and release these stagnant issues and old patterns, so the energy can start flowing again. Therefore, we advise everyone to wear the Akaija as much as possible during the first weeks, in order to give your body and mind a chance to heal. However, always follow your gut feeling. In most cases it takes no longer than one or two days for most blockages to be worked out, but it depends on their nature. If those old pains were deep and severe, the process may take longer, depending on the degree they have already been released or transformed. This may be unpleasant for a while – but once you are through with it you will feel more free and calmer, with energy to spare. The process will free up energy that before was needed to suppress your old pains and emotions.

Idealy, we advise to undergo the reactions that are presented to you, so they can really be worked out and let go of.

But please be gentle on yourself, never overdo it! Keep listening to your body and your inner voice.

Be aware of the Akaija you are wearing when feeling different than usual, and realize it is apparently a necessary phase, and will only be temporary.

Your Akaija is personal. Therefore we advise you not to lend your Akaija to someone else. He or she may benefit from the energy through the Akaija – but when you get it back, chances are that it doesn’t work like before.

The Akaija normally doesn’t need to be ‘cleaned’ – in some cases, however, like moments of extreme physical or emotional stress, or during hospitalization, or when living or working in extreme electromagnetic polluted surroundings, the Akaija may struggle to handle this on a continuous basis. It then gets overloaded and you may notice this because you sense a feeling of dislike, even atrocity against the Akaija.

What you can do is to remove it and rinse it in water. In the experience of therapists, what also helps to clear it out is to hold it between your hands and for a few seconds blow with force through the Akaija. To clean the Akaija more thoroughly you can use a soft rope and silver polish, if you don’t have this, tooth paste. In case your Akaija gets dark, coloured or even black, this is a signal that your body releases energies, toxins and it’s advised to clean your Akaija more often.

Cleaning the Akaija physically also cleans it energetically.

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4. Rebalancing health

On a physical level, the energy-vortex created by the Akaija is introduced into the energy-system of whoever holds or wears it. As soon as your energy-system starts to resonate with the cosmic ‘field’, and energy spreads throughout the meridians (energy pathways) and your aura, your whole system will be strengthened, enhanced and accelerated.

This energy can be compared to the pulsing blood stream: it feeds all kinds of processes that need this energy. This can for instance relate to the immune system, metabolism, detoxification and regeneration during sleep.

Especially sensitive people may experience all kinds of sensations throughout their body from the moment they touch an Akaija. Many people report to feel warmth, even heat, or cold, or tingling fingers, dizziness, spreading sensations in their arm. Sometimes people notice the skin around the place closest to where the Akaija is worn, becomes locally warmer to the touch. This has also been noted with horses. All these sensations are related to energy.

There are also people who do not feel anything, but over time notice changes.

Old blockages or pains can become re-activated and for a short while mild pain or an unpleasant feeling in whatever part of the body (usually well-known old spots), can be felt. Occasionally, people experience more severe reactions, and if this goes on for more than 2 days you should consider to put the Akaija out of your reach during the night, or start wearing it only a few hours a day, then slowly start wearing it for a longer time each day. Experiment with it, and listen to your body !

Because most people, and especially those of us living in big cities, are exposed to electromagnetic smog, we advise sensitive people to wear the Akaija continuously. It can and will protect you against these influences – inverting negative energy into positive and at the same time charging and discharging itself.

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5. Transformation

The energy contained in the shape of the Akaija can also be used as a transformational tool. The inversion principle applies to human souls as well: Some people always seem to fight against the stream, luck always seems against them; they’re not happy, attract the wrong people, have all different kinds of physical symptoms, etc. Studying the Akaija, their lifecycle could be compared to the central circle. When following the circle (see picture), two times per revolution there’s a choice: to keep on following the loop in the same way, or to dare and make a choice and follow a different path.

It requires courage to travel into the unknown, but in time you’ll find yourself back on the circle again – back on track, now in the opposite direction; inversion has taken place and you’ll find yourself more “on path”.

Suppression or even denial of emotional trauma’s takes huge amounts of energy and over the years this can be the ‘hidden’ cause of all kinds of diseases. By clearing away these blockages, energy is freed up and you will feel calmer and be more easy-going. The Akaija will help and stimulate you to go through this process you may fear to undergo.

On a psychological level the Akaija can tend to force you to deal with situations differently than you did before, not backing off anymore but finally pushing through. This process may be initiated within minutes, but, especially when emotional blockages are involved, it may last days to weeks before one notices something has changed in the way you feel, react, behave, think, sleep etc. The changes throughout your energy-system will make it more possible for you to deal with life as it is and to be better prepared for matters to come.

On a spiritual level, the Akaija is a reminder that you are able to take a different direction and change your life...

that you do have a choice...

No one can walk this path for you, it’s your own responsibility, but the Akaija can be your aid in realizing the joy of going with the natural flow of the universe, instead of always fighting against it. Once transformation has taken place on a soul level, there’s no way you can or wish to go back to the old situation.

Now, you may want to read the first page once more and see the connections more clearly…

Please don’t ever forget this message:
“You are never alone ”

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6. Notes about Cleaning

Normally your Akaija doesn't need to be cleaned.
However... when your silver Akaija turns dull - even black - very quickly, consider this a signal.

In rare cases you may even suddenly start disliking your Akaija... That’s an important signal!

During the year 2009 we have learned (from people wearing their Akaija for several years already), that the Akaija sometimes can be over-charged with negative energies. This can be of electromagnetic nature, or personal stress, or toxins from your body, etc. The Akaija tries to dispose of these energies, but when the influx of this exceeds the capacity of the Akaija, it stores these energies in itself, in an ultimate effort to protect you.

In rare cases you may get a feeling of dislike towards your own Akaija, giving you the feeling to put it far away, or worse... throwing it far from you in a deep lake. When these people are asked to go back in time and re-think about what happened before this feeling-of-dislike occurred they tell that they had experienced difficult times lately, like many deaths in the family, illnesses, stress at work, relation problems, severe electromagnetic pollution, etc.

We have learned that, if you suddenly (or slowly develop) have such a feeling towards your Akaija (while you used to like it), the reason may be that your Akaija is giving you a signal: Clean Me!

An energetically polluted Akaija will give you a feeling of dislike, disgust.

Cleaning can be done in several ways. Wim, the maker uses a chord or rope. You tie it to a door knob, or clutch it beneath your shoe on a chair (an old chair of course :-). Add a few drops silver polish (if at hand, else toothpaste might do a wonderful job), and pull this rope through every bend (on at a time) of your Akaija, until the inside is shiny again. The outside can be cleaned with a handkerchief and silver polish, or whatever you can find. Even a toothbrush can do a lot.

I you can get a rope through it, then don’t forget the small triangular openings.

Furthermore... lay your Akaija in the full moon light if you feel that's important. Rinse it abundantly. Ask you guardian angels to help you, hold the Akaija near your heart and visualize the highest Light Energies to clean and activate your Akaija. Nothing is a ‘must’, but know this: cleaning your Akaija physically also cleans it energetically.

When you feel happy again with your Akaija, when you want to wear it, when you suddenly think, “Where is my Akaija!", then you will know it's working, and also that you then really need to keep it with you.

Blowing through your Akaija.

When you are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, then the Akaija protects you, and it’s very good at this. In fact... to elaborate about the coming into existence of the Akaija...

Linda inspired Wim to make the Akaija. But Linda herself was struck by lightning while sitting in her car years ago in 1985. She survived this due to the car’s construction, but since then she felt like paralyzed, and soon she developed a serious type of chronic fatigue. No one was able to find a cure, and it ruined our lives. This, among others, was one cause of the cancer she later developed.

The Akaija prevents a condition in your body, caused by electromagnetic fields in combination with an already weakened body or else, when you are healthy, only an extremely strong electromagnetic field like a lightning flash can cause this. Some therapists (biophoton therapists) call this ‘electron-spin-inversion’. The result of this is that your energy field is not energized sufficiently anymore, no longer filtering all signals/impressions/energies that come your way, and after some time these people get tired, all day long. This condition maintains itself, because by the weakened aura, new electromagnetic fields have free play in your energy system, or biofield as it is called too.

The Akaija can protect you very well against this, but if you already have an electron-spin-inversion, you will need a special treatment to first reverse the spin-inversion. In fact you need a specific energy boost to make this happen. Please email us at atelier@akaija.com for more info. We are in the process of finding a simple act to do this yourself, but we are not sure yet if this successful at all times. Sometimes we do this for free by using your photograph.

The Akaija protects you, but when (in rare cases!) the flow of electromagnetic radiation temporarily is way too much, the Akaija stores this energy in itself, just like above. In other words... then the Akaija takes over the electron-spin-inversion that else would have caught you without the Akaija. The Akaija works very much the same like a lightning rod does.

In such cases blowing through your Akaija normally is all that it takes to clean your Akaija from this spin-inversion.

What you do is this: between your 2 stretched hands you hold the Akaija. Then fiercely blow through the Akaija with all force you have. Do this 1 or 2 times and your ready. You can even do this while the Akaija is on the chain. Many therapists have done this, measured the differences by their clients and support this.

But to neutralize the more serious and long time effects of energetic pollution in your Akaija, you will need to follow the guidelines as mentioned above.