Marianne en Wim

Wim en Marianne welcome you !

The uniqueness 1 of Akaija & Art is that all jewellery designs are made by inspiration from the Spirit World.

Wim Roskam is the creator of this jewellery. Apart from that he is airbrush painter and author.

Marianne Agterdenbos is an experienced therapist for Biophoton Therapy and NAET. Furthermore she uses her sjamanistic voice to give powerfull sound healings with amazing results.


Linda de Redelijkheid (right) was a teacher in creative arts in the Netherlands. As Wim's deceased love she now inspires him in making cosmic jewellery, intented to lift you spirits. These designs are very much appreciated by many thousands of people worldwide because of their special healing powers and the loving message that is encorporated in every piece.

'Akaija' means: 'We are One'

Because of these healing properties you will find extensive descriptions of every design, as each design and each painting has a story to tell.