No Woman No Cry (photo reproduction)

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No Woman No Cry

Healing starts with Love in the Womb
Painted by: Wim Roskam 2011
Original size: 50 x 70 cm
Technique: Airbrush, Acrylic paint on Shoelershammer Board
Reproduction: Photo print (!) DPII glossy Pearl print

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This painting was made for a woman with cervical cancer. Searching for answers like 'why me?' together, we discovered that the origin of her disease was to be found in the traumatic experiences during her birth, later to be reflected, during the birthgiving of her son. Please realize that Wim's love Linda had died from cervical cancer. She's now one of his inspiring guardian spirits...
This painting is an eye opener, to start thinking differently about the fundamental causes of all illnesses. By the way... the woman who now has the painting was totally healed from cervical cancer... under close observation, but without treatment from the hospital.

The titel reminds of Bob Marley, when he sings "Everything's gonna be allright“