The Dynamic is a jewel/tool with Force

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The coming into existence, backgrounds, various variations. Every Dynamic is personally made.


450.00 (Including VAT)
450.00 (Excluding VAT)


Metal: Solid 925 silver (rhodinated)
Diameter: 6 cm
Central stone: oval, 10 x 12 millimeter
Weightt: ± 20-21 grams 925 silver and 2,5 grams for the stone
Deliverty time: 2-4 weeks: 1-2 weeks for Wim to produce it, plus 1-2 weeks for rhodinating by a specialized company.

Every Dynamic will be different, personally made. There are no two similar Dynamics.

Remark: Two 'imperfections' might catch your eye... 1. The stone placement isn't precisely vertical, 2. The outer ring isn't symmetrical.
This is on purpose! There's reason for this.

Stones: By default we use lab grown stones, because natural stones would have a big impact on the final price. The stones we use are nature identical. This saves the Earth, because no mining is required. And... for the working of the Dynamic it makes no difference, because the stone is needed for focussing energies and the stones we use are perfect for that. Yet you can decide for you own stone. In that case the price might be influences. This depends on your stone. Chances are that Wim needs to make a special setting for the stone, in which case more time is involved. Please contact us beforehand about your plans.

Do you have special wishes... the sky is the limit, or not :-). Thinke.g. about the use of gold for the planetary orbits, or the use of waste gold for the entire Dynamic (but... this involves about 30 grams of old gold to cast it), use an old inherited ring as a setting for the central stone, etc. Not everyhing is possible and certain changes affect the price. Contact us at if you wish.

For extra info, read here about the Dynamic on our informative Akaija & Art website.