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Chram (silver, 2,3 cm)

The message of all Akaija & Art creations is always: We are One.
Sense making: the words "Akaija Chram" tell:
I say Yes to the Power of the Great Spirit and the Light to create new life.

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69.00 (Including VAT)
57.02 (Excluding VAT)
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Silver Chram
Size: 2.3 cm or 0.9 inch
: ± 3.0 gram
Metal: Solid 925, sterling silver, rhodinated
Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium
Note: The Chram is a healing-tool, which main goal it is to clean the owner from energies/patterns that are unconsciously troubling. Such energies can be an old pain, a forgotten sadness, old denied anger, jealousy, etc. Such old feelings can make themself 'visible' immediately or in a hours/days after touching/wearing the Chram and it can come all of a sudden. Then it can be cleaned and taken care of. The Chram is a cleaner!
For this reason we suggest not buy a Chram as a nice looking present for people who are not aware of its possible effects.
The Chram can well be used in combination with the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa.

This page shares more information about the Chram