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Akaija/Chram + Book + Chain (COMBI DISCOUNT)

Akaija means: We All are One

For extensive information about the Akaija please go the official website of Akaija & Art

For information about the book The Lady of the Rings, visit the LOTR section on our website.

Download the Akaija description as PDF (it's also included in the shipment)

58.40 (Including VAT)
48.26 (Excluding VAT)
Gourmet design

Discount bundle: Akaija + Book + Chain
Akaija Type & Size: Normal Akaija, Ø 1.9 cm (0.75 inch)
Gourmet design, Thickness 1.7 mm (0.066 inch)
Akaija & necklace metal
: Solid sterling silver

Book: The Lady of the Rings (Opting for Freedom of Choice), by Wim Roskam
Language: ENGLISH !! (Translated by Two Roads Author Eliza White Buffalo)