Akaija Bold

56.00 (Including VAT)
46.28 (Excluding VAT)

Size: Ø 2.2 cm or 0.87 inch)
: Solid silver (925, sterling), rhodinated
Weight: ± 4.5 gram
Allergy information: our jewellery contains no nickel or cadmium
Extra Information: This Akaija is slightly more robust than the normal Akaija. The capacity to temporarily store and remove unwanted energies is slightly larger. Mind you ... bigger is not automatically better.
A bold Akaija can be useful for children because it is less vulnerable. Our first advice is: sensitive people usually need a normal Akaija. But our second advice is: also remember that everyone is different. In general, we assume that people who are dealing with more than average stress levels and/or EMR conditions, the bold Akaija is the better choice.