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Akaija set of Earrings (silver)

79.00 (Including VAT)
65.29 (Excluding VAT)
zilveren Akaija oorhangeset 8 kt. gouden Akaija oorhangerset
Other details

Silver or golden Akaija earring set
Size: Ø 1.5 cm (Akaija), Height: 3,5 cm
: ± 1.5 gram per Akaija
Metal: Solid 925, sterling silver, rhodinated or 333 solid yellow gold
Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium
: the golden earsets have 14 carat ear hooks that are slightly darker, but this is barely noticable during use.
Delivery time: silver sets are almost always in stock, the golden sets: about 2 weeks.