14 carat golden Akaija

340.00 (Including VAT)
280.99 (Excluding VAT)

Size: Ø 1.7 cm or 0.67 inch
Weight: ± 3 gram
Metal: Solid 14 ct yellow gold
Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium
: The metal does not determine the working of the Akaija, but only adds a nuance difference.
Hallmarking: 14 and 18 carat gold Akaijas are hallmarked by the Gold Guarantee Institute (WaarBorg Instituut) in Gouda, Netherlands with a gold quality mark and the WB responsibility sign. You can find these stamps on the welded eye on the Akaija (using a magnifying glass). The 8 carat Akaijas do not need a stamp by Dutch law, but (nowadays) are provided with a 333-level mark and Wim's responsibility mark inside the loose loop, with the initials for Wim (Willem Albert) Roskam... WAR. It was not my idea! :-), as we love peace.