Combi Akaija

Photos are taken under optimal conditions with both a real camera and with the help of 3D software and subsequently edited. We recommend that you view as many photos of all jewelry as possible in order to get an overall impression of the shape and quality.

675.00 (Including VAT)
557.85 (Excluding VAT)

Metal: solid 14 or 18 carat gold
Option 1: Yellow gold inside & White gold outside
Option 2: White gold inside & Yellow gold outside
Weight: ± 4 grams
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
Dimensions: Ø 1.9-2.1 cm
Allergy information: our jewelry does not contain nickel or cadmium
Note 1: This Akaija cannot be cast, so the wires (1,5 mm thickness) are pulled by Wim himself and bent and welded. The size of this Akaija is slightly larger than the normal silver Akaija, because bending and forming is easier then. Because 8 carat is not available as a wire from the goldsmiths wholesaler, this option is not offered. The Akaija is subsequently hallmarked at the Waarborg-institute in Gouda, the Netherlands.
Note 2: We rather on't use self-supplied gold, because this is more work due to the melting, rolling and pulling of the wire. Moreover, self-supplied gold is usually harder and that makes drawing very difficult.