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For extensive information (the coming into existence, the meaning, the working, testimonials, and its connection to megalithic sites all over the world, we advise you to visit link to www.akaija.com, the official website of Akaija and Art.

When buying 2 or more articles (e.g. an Akaija with a necklace) you will save a few euro's on every Akaija !

Delivery times: silver Akaija are always in stock. We also try to keep stock of all golden Akaijas, but this is not always possible. If you want to know, beforehand, about the availability of golden Akaijas, then please write us: atelier@akaija.com

Akaija normal (silver, Ø 1,9 cm)
49.40 (including VAT)
40.83 (excluding VAT)
Akaija LIFESIZE (Stainless Steel)
3,025.00 (including VAT)
2,500.00 (excluding VAT)
Akaija-Iloa with glassblown standard
330.00 (including VAT)
272.73 (excluding VAT)
Akaija (silver, Bold Ø 2,2 cm)
56.00 (including VAT)
46.28 (excluding VAT)
Akaija-Iloa (silver, Ø 2,1 cm)
59.00 (including VAT)
48.76 (excluding VAT)
Akaija (yellow gold 8ct, Ø 1,9 cm)
249.00 (including VAT)
205.79 (excluding VAT)
Akaija (redgold 8ct, Ø 1,9 cm)
249.00 (including VAT)
205.79 (excluding VAT)
Akaija (yellow gold 14 ct, Ø 1,9 cm)
300.00 (including VAT)
247.93 (excluding VAT)
Akaija (yellow gold 18 ct, Ø 1,9 cm)
350.00 (including VAT)
289.26 (excluding VAT)
Akaija Normal + The Lady of the Rings + Chain
59.30 (including VAT)
49.01 (excluding VAT)
Akaija + Book + Chain
61.71 (including VAT)
51.00 (excluding VAT)
Akaija-Iloa + The Lady of the Rings + neck...
69.20 (including VAT)
57.19 (excluding VAT)