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Marianne - Wim - Linda

Akaija & Art

Wim is the creator of the jewellery and paintings that you can buy on this webshop. Wim was educated to be a teacher, calligrapher and computer programmer, but now he's an artist, using airbrush, canvas, silver and gold.
Marianne is his love. She's a therapist and her skills are important to get a better understanding of the working of the Akaija and other healing aspects of what Wim makes. She also does a lot of work behind the scenes.

Then there's someone else involved... though she doesn't live anymore: Linda de Redelijkheid.
She and Wim were in a relation, but after a severe illness Linda died in 2001: shortly after she asked Wim what she could do when she wouldn't be 'there' anymore.

Wim asked her to inspire him, if possible.

Countless many 'coincidences' show that she takes this very seriously. So much so, that Wim wrote a book about this wonderful story, called: 'The Lady of the Rings', the translation of 'Kiezen voor Vrije Keuze / Opting for Freedom of Choice'. This English version of the book is not in print yet (2014), but if you ask Wim about this, in an email, he will certainly send you the PDF.