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Marianne - Wim - Linda

Wim is the creator of the jewellery and paintings that you can buy on this webshop. Wim was educated to be a teacher, calligrapher and computer programmer, but now he's an artist, using airbrush, canvas, silver and gold.
Marianne is his love. She's a therapist and her skills are important to get a better understanding of the working of the Akaija and other healing aspects of what Wim makes. She also does a lot of work behind the scenes.

Then there's someone else involved... though she doesn't live anymore: Linda de Redelijkheid.
She and Wim were in a relation, but after a severe illness Linda died in 2001: shortly after she asked Wim what she could do when she wouldn't be 'there' anymore

Attention: From March 1, 2021 this webshop will be relocated: visit www.akaija.com

All started with this special inspiration from Linda: the Akaija...

The Akaija symbolises a heart
protected by the circle of We, meaning:
We all are One